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From rent to return, we have a truckload of reasons why you should hire with us.

Why buy a truck when you can hire one for a fraction of the price?

Rent a truck from Simplify and not only will you get the truck you need, but we will also help you with all you need to know about the truck you should hire and how to handle it once you have got it. From the loading and packing to transport and handling – we know it all.

Simplify Vehicle Rental - Trucks

Truck Rental Services

  • Full Maintenance Leasing (FML)
  • Short-term and long-term truck rental
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Onboard Cameras
  • Vehicle tracking and fleet insurance
  • Fleet Management
  • Risk Management
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle insurance (Including 3rd Party cover)

Client Responsibility

  • Goods-in-transit insurance

Simplify Vehicle Rental - Trucks

Model:Body Length:Body Width (mm):Body Height (mm):Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres):Licence Code:
1 Ton LWB LDV Open or with Canopy2280169075O8
1 Ton LWB LDV with Van Body24201690160075O8
1.5 Ton Panel Van Diesel3200200016006310
4 Ton Dropside Diesel4800230042010010
4 Ton Panel Van/Tautliner Diesel48002300220010010
5 Ton Dropside Diesel5200230042010010
5 Ton Panel Van/Tautliner Diesel52002300220010010
8 Ton Dropside Diesel6400260042020010
8 Ton Panel Van/Tautliner Diesel64002600250020010




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