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 Simplify - Meet Gerry the Giraffe.

It has been quite the year! 2016 has been full of interesting times, memories and moments, but one thing’s for sure, that we are ready for 2017. But, just before we jump on the New Year bandwagon and wind down from the Christmas rush, we have something pretty exciting for you to explore.

Something for you and the kids, is a little place called Giraffe House. A wildlife awareness centre that gives you a close-up look at some of South Africa’s beautiful wildlife. Allowing you to explore the outdoors and learn about what makes our animals so unique.

Get the opportunity to meet Gerry, their hand-reared giraffe who is great with new people! Really great. Or get creep and crawly with their Interactive Creepy Crawly Encounters.

Makes for a great outing for you and the kids to get out of the house after Christmas Day and maybe work off a bit of those mince pies, don’t worry, we wont tell anyone you had six.

Experience African wildlife first-hand, all you have to do is rent a vehicle from us. Van or car, you don’t have to even go far to get to this gem of an outing. It’s simple. Get renting! 

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