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The wonders of Nelspruit are just a rent away


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Nelspruit is a town of many wonders, many adventures and many memories to be made. With the festive season in full swing, we urge you to take advantage of this beautiful place.

One of these many wonders are the Sudwala Caves, just 35km out of Nelspruit. Making for a great family outing, this is certainly one for the books. Explore the collection of of stone age tools, dating back 2.5 million years, being on display at the entrance to the caves.

Used as fortressed by different civilisations over the many years, the principle guardian of the caves entrance was Sudwala, Somquba’s chief councilor. His spirit is said to still linger in the caves today. In 1857, King Somquba settled with his people close to the caves and came to know them in the 1860’s.

During the second South African War, gold bullion belonging to the Transvaal Republic was to be transported to Machadadorp for safekeeping. President Kruger, who was in charge of ensuring the success of this mission returned to his destination without the treasure. It is rumoured that he hid the gold in the caves, a true treasure hunt!

These are just some of the remarkable stories that these caves have to tell. We suggest that you hop in a Simplify vehicle and get to it, avid explorer!

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