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Jonkershoek Nature Reserve


 Simplify - Jonkershoek Nature Reserve.

The holidays are fast-approaching, and some of us cannot wait to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and escape to some place unknown, some place full of nature, some place beautiful.

Whether you are with family, or enjoying some alone time over the break, we have just the place for you to escape to.

If you find yourself in Stellenbosch during the holidays, there is a place of untapped beauty that you can not miss. Hop in a Simplify car or van, if you have the family with you, and head to Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. The reserve includes the Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve, and you can choose to visit both of these gems if you wish. The reserve is roughly 9800 hectares, giving you ample space to explore, hike and discover.

Home to the Jonkershoek Mountains, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy a day's hike into the untouched landscape and nature of these rugged highlands.

Rich in plant (over 1100 plant species) and animal life, birders can grab their binoculars and observe nature at it's best.

The smaller Assegaaibosch Reserve is home to a national monument that was built in 1792, the Assegaaibosch Farmstead.

Being only 9km out of Stellenbosch, you don't want to miss these untold and spectacular World Heritage Sites. So, strap on your hiking gear, jump into a Simplify rental car and get your holiday started on the right foot, a hiking foot that is.

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