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 Simplify - The Kruger is just a rent away. Get renting. Get driving.

Being based in Nelspruit, we are conveniently close to the Kruger. Very close. So close, that you can simply rent a van, car or a bakkie – for the adventurous folk or even a truck, if you like, and get driving to the wild, beautiful and picturesque game park that is the Kruger.

The Kruger is full of places to stay, from lavish to simple, they have the place for you. But, we want to talk about the tented camps. These take you right back to the safari days of pith helmets, no fences, free roaming wild animals and uncharted territory. One of our favourites, and rather luxurious, is Hamiltons Tented Camp.

Sit back and relax as you bask in the ambience of the African sunset, splashing the sky with orange and pink hues. Promising an exclusive bushveld escape, and even more beautiful than the pictures.

Now that is just the cherry on the top. Show off to your family this season that you know just where to go when it comes to an authentic experience of the Kruger. Another great one Tamboti Tented Camp. Taking it down a knotch, this camp is great for the family. With a boma area for stories and marshmallows around the fire. And ideal for the birding enthusiasts, offering a bird hide to spend hours in watching raptors and more.

Whatever you taste, style or budget, the Kruger is the ideal getaway. And the best part? Its just a car rental away! Don't forget to book with the best. It’s simple.

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